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The Legacy Series
The Legacy Series

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In 1993, after founding the ICHF in 1992, Grandmaster Pellegrini traveled to Korea for a week of training with Grandmaster In Sun Seo and to secure approval to continue the development of “Combat Hapkido”. Later that year, Grandmaster Pellegrini structured the first formal curriculum of the system and released the 4 volume VHS video series “Combat Hapkido”. This was followed in 1995 by another 4 volume series “Advanced Combat Hapkido”. Both series became an instant success around the World and received very positive reviews by the Martial Arts community. The masters of these VHS productions were destroyed in the flood of 2009 that devastated our HQ office and we thought that all that original, classical material was lost forever. But recently, while cleaning out a closet, we found one set. We immediately hired a lab to convert them into DVD format to preserve the material for present and future generations. And now with this new release, we are making the DVD series available so that Combat Hapkido fans around the World will have an opportunity to own this unique collection.
• Hundreds of techniques – over 6 hours of program.
• See Grandmaster Pellegrini in his “early” days.
• Some never before seen techniques.
• The first evolution from “traditional” to “Combat” Hapkido.
• A valuable addition to your teaching arsenal.
• A beautifully performed, professionally filmed technical treasure.
• A unique Martial Arts collector’s item.
• The official, historical legacy of Combat Hapkido.

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