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WMAA Lifetime Membership
WMAA Lifetime Membership
Membership Dues $95.00

Founded in 1995 the World Martial Arts Alliance is a global organization dedicated to the advancement of all Martial Arts and the professional recognition of all Martial Artists.


®The WMAA is dedicated to the enhancement of the professional standing of all Martial Arts Instructors.

®The WMAA encourages and fosters friendship, networking and cooperation among Martial Artists of every art/style/system in accordance to true Martial Arts spirit.

®The WMAA strongly believes in the right of all Martial Artists to freely practice and teach their chosen art/style/system and therefore it strongly opposes any government control and regulation of the Martial Arts industry.

®The WMAA is committed to promote, expand and improve Martial Arts training around the World.


* Membership Certificate * ID Card * Uniform Patch * Access to Rank & Style Registry

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